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The Off Season – Damian Bright

It’s a long, long, long, long off season in the AIHL so we’re going to pass the time by asking […]

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Net Natter

While the MOAT: Melbourne Mustangs seem to be in an enviable position with three local goalies all lining up as […]

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Talent vs Heart

What does it take to make the playoffs or win a championship? Is it having the most talented players; a hot […]

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3 positives we can take away from the derby

Last night’s derby was one of the closest and most emotional games the Australian ice hockey community has witnessed. The […]

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Battle for Melbourne

After a fairy tale opening game of the season against the reigning premiers the Sydney Ice Dogs, the MOAT: Melbourne […]

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Preview: Round 2: Ice vs Mustangs

The MOAT: Melbourne Mustangs have announced their intentions, opening the season with a very dominant performance against last year’s AIHL […]

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