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Player Sponsors


Apocalypse Inc


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51 Capt – Sean Jones Alesha Simons – Personal Sponsor
29 Asst Capt – Brendan McDowell Naomi Druery – Personal Sponsor
89 Asst Capt – Pat O’Kane MOAT
1 Fraser Carson Apocalypse Inc
2 Michael McDowell Still available for sponsorship
4 Andrew Belic Chris Harrison – Personal Sponsor
7 Vinnie Hughes Advanced Myotherapy
9 Adrian Nash MOAT
11 Matt Stringer The Stable
13 Brendan Oakes The Young Family – Personal Sponsor
14 Alan Moss Anonymous Sponsor
15 Jack McCoy Still available for sponsorship
17 Troy Robertson Susan Dosser – Personal Sponsor
18 Ethan Cornford Australian Ice Sports
19 Damian Bright The Stable
21 Joey Hughes Brad & Angela Kastner – Personal Sponsor
23 Jamie Bourke Stuart Coombs – Personal Sponsor
24 Andrew Fitzgerald Stuart Coombs – Personal Sponsor
36 Michael James MOAT
44 Jeff Grant Still available for sponsorship
49 Matthew Anderson Still available for sponsorship
53 Tom Voller Still available for sponsorship
55 Jack Wolgemuth The Young Family – Personal Sponsor
69 Martin Kutek The Rookies
77 Alex Hall The Shortis Family – Personal Sponsor
81 Viktor Gibbs Sjödin The Stable
89 Steve Belic Hitachi Power Tools


Player Sponsorship

In order to assist with operating costs, the Melbourne Mustangs encourage all of its players to seek personal sponsors. To assist in this task we ask you to consider becoming a player sponsor.

Nearly all of our players play Premier A for their local clubs with a couple coaching at this level as well. Playing costs associated with the IHV are quite significant for these young men. The club acknowledges this and as a result all players who obtain a player sponsorship will have their IHV fees reimbursed to the sum of $400.

The player sponsorship package offers a range of benefits including season passes, entry into the all-important Mustangs vs Sponsors match, on ice presentation of your sponsored player’s jersey at our last home game and much much more.

So become a player sponsor and enter the wonderful world of the Melbourne Mustangs. Get in touch today for more information on how to close the deal. Contact either:

President, John Belic on 0408 310 137 or via email [email protected]

Partnerships Manager, Andy Hayes on 0450 956 299 or via email [email protected]